Aroma Therapy Relax

In today's busy world we could all use a relaxing getaway. Fleecy Aroma Therapy* Relax envelops your laundry with the soothing fragrance while it reduces static cling and softens. Made with natural essential oils of lavender and ylang ylang, Fleecy Aroma Therapy* Relax allows you to put more well-being into your family's laundry.

Fleecy Aroma Therapy* Relax:

  • Gives your family’s laundry an irresistible softness
  • 14 days of freshness†
  • Leaves a relaxing lavender fragrance
  • Controls static cling
  • Use both Fleecy* liquid and Fleecy* dryer sheets for freshness and added static control.

†when used with Fleecy* Liquid Fabric Softener.